Sighet, Part 2


25 April 2006, 1.06 CET

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 24.04.2006

“Andreas Saurer has visited the memorial for victims of communism in the Romanian town of Sighet, initiated by writers Ana Blandiana and Romulus Rusan. “Walking through these thick-walled, chilly dungeons, visitors quickly see that the cold alone would have been enough to kill the inmates. But there was also fear and hunger—the ‘three Fs’ (frig, frica si foame—cold, fear and hunger), as they are called in Romanian prison literature. Functionaries from the inter-war period were dealt with summarily in Sighet. The victims included politicians and intellectuals, but also ecclesiastics from the Orthodox, Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic churches, as well as peasants. People here ‘specialised in methods for exterminating previous beliefs’ with a zeal approaching ‘racial hatred’, writes author Ruxandra Cesereanu in her socio-historical study on the ‘Journey to the Center of Hell: The Gulag in the Romanian Conscience’.””

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Also reference: The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance.