Blur, motion, freeze frame


18 July 2006, 1.02 CET

To travel now, the Apprentice does essay,
And every step is girt with doubt and danger:
In truth he uses not to sing or pray;
But is his path perplex’d, this toilsome ranger
Does turn an earnest eye, when mist’s above him,
To his own heart, and to the hearts that love him.

—Goethe, Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre
Translated by Thomas Carlyle.

I will be in Berlin and environs for the next 2 months, staying with MD. In addition to a bit of R&R (research and roaming) I will be finishing some essays and beginning to prepare for the Exam.

It will be nice to spend time with MD in a) a more urban setting and b) in her hometown. Neither of us feel at all at home in University Suburb (even though it is very pleasant), so this will be a long–anticipated change.

In motion

Watch this space for updates, hopefully on a weekly basis.