15 August 2006, 21.31 CET

Yesterday we drove from Weimar to Eisenach, another historically important German town.

Eisenach was quite different from Weimar: narrow, winding streets with traditional central German architecture. There is very much a medieval cum nineteenth-century feel to the place (with (post) East German flavor thrown in for extra strangeness).

We stayed at Hotel Haus Heinstein, a hotel run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. We picked this hotel because it was high on a hill overlooking the town to one side (that view hidden by trees), and on the other side overlooking a wide forested valley. On another hill even higher than the hotel was the Wartburg, an extremely significant place in German history and culture.


This was the late evening view from our hotel window.


This was the morning view.


This was the view from the steps as we climbed our way to the top.


A great sign informing us that the bats (there were a few) were not to be feared. A good sign, because the place was very nineteenth-century, with strong medieval underpinnings. There is a very nice hotel next to the castle, much more expensive than our very interesting Lutheran hotel.

This afternoon we drove back to Berlin, stopping over briefly in Wittenberg, which was rather unclimactic I must admit.

Nonetheless, it is very nice to be back in Berlin this evening.