25 February 2007, 10.07 CET

MD and I are in Edinburgh for the weekend, where anthropomorphism has run amuck. Just before leaving the States I had, randomly, at MD’s suggestion, watched “The Wicker Man” (the original, not the terrible Nic Cage version). Turns out it was a great introduction to the Scottish cultural imagination. I joke, kind of. My first cinematic introduction to Edinburgh was the nineties classic “Shallow Grave.”

Here in Edinburgh:


Mars Bars are deep-fried (we had none—shop was closed),

public monuments are well-behooved,

4 Hooves on the Shield

and the mornings are foggy (view from our guest house window).

Morning Fog

Overall a very enjoyable and relaxing time for reconnecting after a six-week oceanic separation (our longest to date, by far).

PS: Avoid the fudge shops.