Architecture of Nonrandom Variables


6 March 2007, 22.32 CET

770 Sao Paolo

Chabad’s “770” buildings:

Lubavitchers are one of the largest groups of ultra orthodox, or Hasidic, Jewish groups, and number about 100,000 worldwide. In 1940 the Lubavitchers purchased a small collegiate-gothic-style Brooklyn building (once a medical clinic) for the sixth Lubavitch Rebbe, Yoseph Yitzchak Schneerson, who had recently immigrated to the United States to escape Nazi persecution.
. . .
This building, often referred to as “770,” has been replicated worldwide with varying degrees of precision, as Chabad centers or for other purposes. Currently there are twelve 770’s, including the original, in the United States, Canada, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia, and more are under construction in Cleveland, U.S.A and Santiago, Chile.

Image Copyright © 2005 Andrea Robbins and Max Becher