How now coy cow?


12 January 2008, 22.02 CET

Further evidence of the bizarre marketing of cows and dairy products:

Dairy Today

“How does one art direct a cow?”

Dairy Today

“I wanted to show portraits of dairy cows on the cover that showed their individual personalities—so that they were more than just commodities the way beef cows are.”

Dairy Today

“That's easier said than done because those damn cows don't have much personality.”

Dairy Today

“. . . the graphic impact of the cover presentation and allows the publication to take ownership of the word Dairy . . .”

Dairy Today

“Two years worth of covers were photographed in a single day's photo session saving Dairy Today money and providing them with a distinctive and memorable visual cover identity.”

Dairy Today

The “old look” and prior sexual emphasis of the magazine.

[Via Pentagram; follow the link for a great video.]


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