Hegel & the family von Tucher


27 May 2008, 3.23 CET

I’m currently reading a biography of Hegel, which mentions that Hegel’s in-laws were “among the most visible and notable of the Nuremberg patrician families, having been wealthy traders in the city for many centuries.” (p. 295)

Today my advisor asked me, in a friendly manner and in passing, “Oh, and Hegel’s wife’s family ran a brewery, right?” I nodded and said “Yeah, I think so,” inwardly cursing the biographer for having not been more specific with his “traders in the city” description.

I had no real clue whether the family trafficked in beer or bratwurst or bobby pins. I remembered only that the book mentions at least 3 times Hegel’s taste for expensive French wines.

But, luck prevails, as does as the von Tucher brewery (Tucher Bräu).

Tucher Ad Image

The highlight of this anecdote is the music at the American version of their website.