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5 July 2008, 2.39 CET

I started this site a little more than 2 years ago (on April 24, 2006) with the intention of posting, on average, once per week. Roughly speaking, that’s what the average has turned out to be. There have been lulls and disruptions, and I’m still working through a backlog of materials to post, but overall I’m impressed that I’m still at it.

My grandmother used to keep a daily diary filled, it seemed to me, less with personal thoughts than with descriptions of each day’s activities. She told me the point of this was so that one day she could sit down and look through what she had done at various points in her life. That day never happened, at least not that I’m aware of, and so the purpose of the diary was located in the writing rather than the reading.

Although I may not look back through this site much, it is the posting which brings pleasure, and I take comfort in that at least some of my farflung materials are gathered and distributed chronologically.

Onward and upward!

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