Crossing the Federline


28 July 2008, 17.24 CET

Coincidentally, Radar holds forth today on ‘douchebag’, one of the words of the month (numb-nut being another).

Turns out we can blame Henry Miller (1953), the Patriarchy (eternal), and the New Jersey girl at the gym (last week).

In a world where “jerk!” and “asshole!” are the played-out cries of a mascara-streaked woman scorned, using “douchebag!” can, arguably, give a girl an edge.

Douchebag is also extremely fun to say. Two syllables, after all, are better than one (“bitch” versus “bi-atch.”). Plus, “You get the pursed lips of the ‘dou’ sound and then the squished face and long tail of ‘chhhhhe,'” says Marjorie. “Delicious.”

And it seems, of course, that we get more opportunities to say it every day.

Photo by Getty Images

Photo by Getty Images

“Douchebaggery is really an outgrowth of ‘Guido’ style, but it’s rapidly spread through hip-hop, Ed Hardy, and Armani Exchange to become the dominant pollutant of modern culture,” says Jay Louis, who is indeed the expert.

I bet you’re already searching the OED for the etymology of ass-hat.

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[Update 7 August 2008]:

Google Insight’s tracking of “douchebags” as a search term. Priceless.

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