Moose and sluice


4 September 2008, 13.34 CET

The London Times watches the Palin speech, from Alaska:

Meanwhile, at a table directly underneath one of the TVs, Lu Sackett, 70, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the image of a grizzly bear and a floppy hat decorated with flag pins waved his burger in appreciation when Palin laid into the Democrats’ tax plans.

“She’s like a moose going after a cabbage,” he marvelled.

A woman at Mr Sackett’s table pointed out that Mrs Palin knows how to ‘field dress’ a moose (which means skinning it and chopping it up after killing it, so that you can take the meat home to make stew). “All Alaskan women know how to field strip a moose,” said Mr Sackett, nodding. “Besides, she ain’t attackin’ anyone,” he added. “She’s just tellin’ it how it is.”

. . .

Ms Clark lives just north of Fairbanks, a six hour drive from Wasilla. “My husband and I are both gold miners, and right now we have water flowing through our sluice box, and when that occurs we don’t do a lot of socialisin’,” she said.