Restaurant of the month


19 September 2008, 22.32 CET

Mosaic Restaurant (Forestville, CA):

Photograph Copyright © 2007 Dean Brittingham

Photograph Copyright © 2007 Dean Brittingham


Chance upon the restaurant with an extremely attractive person of your favourite gender who is celebrating a major life milestone.

Start with 1 glass of Iron Horse Brut and 1 glass of Acorn Zinfandel.

Then order a bottle of Acorn Zinfandel to be served with:

Grilled Endive & Radicchio Salad
Chef’s Mushroom Special.

Coffee Encrusted Filet Mignon.

Then order an espresso to be served with:
Chocolate Cake.

[Essential bonus: Order 1 of each (except the espresso) and share everything. The chef will put things (except dessert) on two plates without your asking.]

[Added bonus: Actually have dinner reservations for elsewhere that you don’t keep simply because you both intuit that the best restaurant meal of the summer is there for the taking.]

[Disclaimer: The restaurant oddly looks not so much like the website pictures. I think the interior looks better than how they market it.]