4 January 2010, 17.55 CET

Moon Approach

A new year, a new look for the joint.

In thinking and sketching out this theme I’ve attempted to be both retro and fresh, simple but active. Some of the elements here were surprising to me but somehow seem to work. Or not.

Apollo Theme

The main challenge was to find a way to make yellow and orange work. I like both of those colours but they’re notoriously difficult to work with without being too loud or monochrome (lots of black and white).

I’m not completely settled on the external background, so I expect that to change soon. There are a few minor details to fix for Safari 4, Mobile Safari 3, and Internet Explorer 7+. And some needed optimizations and rewrites, etc. But overall, I’m liking this new look.

The theme header images are from Life Magazine’s “Project Apollo. Photographed by Fritz Goro. The images are Copyright © Time Inc. for personal, non-commercial use only.

Apollo moon approach image /via It’s Nice That