On workaholism


24 March 2010, 3.19 CET

A recent study of working students (73% of who were women) explored workaholism with some unsurprising conclusions:

  • Narcissism was positively related to workaholism overall, as well as to the components of workaholism known as impatience (“I seem to be in a hurry and racing against the clock.”) and compulsion (“It’s hard for me to relax when I’m not working.”).
  • The high standards dimension of perfectionism (high expectations of self) was related to overall workaholism.
  • The discrepancy dimension of perfectionism (perceived gap between one’s performance expectations and self-evaluation of current performance) was a significant predictor of all components of workaholism.

Study: Clark, M.A., Lelchook, A.M., & Taylor, M.L. (2010). “Beyond the Big Five: How narcissism, perfectionism, and dispositional affect relate to workaholism.” Personality and Individual Differences, 48, 786-791.

/via Psychology Today