Elkland is a custom, simple-by-design WordPress theme for Daring Rocket, unveiled in July 2008.

Elkland screenshot

If you like the design and would like to use and tailor it for your own site, send me an email. I can provide you with the files and documentation and will try to answer any questions.

Elkland is designed following Eric Sol’s Faux Absolute Positioning scheme, with custom-rolled templates.

It is a fixed width, one column, greyscale theme with support for tags, categories, and recent posts. There is no support for widgets and the like.

Elk are fine animals commonly found in places such as North America. Elk is also the European name for moose. An elkland is a spacious habitat for moose and elk. ‘Elkland’ implies no relation whatsoever with the art center, the band, the business, this place, or that place.